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    defrost and supplemental heat with a Carrier and Lennox combination?

    I am having a problem with my heat pump. The heater works fine until the temperatures get real cold outside. When the outside coil starts to freeze and the defrost kicks in all I get is cold air coming out of the vents. If I understand this correctly the supplemental heat should kick on when the defrost kicks on outside. If so is there away I can check it with my voltmeter to see if all is working correctly? I have checked the strips and they seem to be fine. This system was in the house when I bought it a year ago. The best I can tell, it is a carrier model outside 38YKC036300 and the coil inside is a carrier too. However, the air handler and supplemental heat is a Lennox Model B3-41-2-230-MDM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks William

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    We can't give you wiring advice per site rules. Best we can do is suggest a fall check by a pro and have him wire in the defrost heat.

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    A lot of heat pump units are installed without the auxiliary heat wired to come on during the defrost cycle. The reason is that the unit is actually supposed to operate more economically this way. Kinda a option between economics and comfort I guess. A good tech can probably have you rewired in a short period of time and operational, if your auxiliary heat coils are OK!!. I assume that your unit produces heat when set to emergency heat, correct? If not then the tech may be busy for a while lol

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