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    Aprilaire 400 and setback thermostats

    I noticed that there are a lot of posts regarding humidifiers but I can't find answer to my question, so here goes...

    I recently contacted a local HVAC business to get an estimate on a humidifier for my gas forced air furnace since I can't take the lack of humidity anymore. They are recommending an Aprilaire 400 after coming on-site. Checking out the specs on Aprilaire's website, everything looks pretty good, but I haven't really found any reviews on this particular unit. The 600 seems to be much more popular. Is there any reason to not consider the 400?

    Also, I was thinking that this style of humidifier might be fine while we're home and awake, but what is everyone's experience when setback thermostats are brought into the equation? At night our furnace won't run unless it is really, really cold outside since we set our stat back 8 degrees. In these types of situations I'm thinking that the evaporative pad style humidifier may not work out too well. Any thoughts?

    Finally, who knows what the future will bring. Our furnace is 14 years old and I was told that it is in excellent shape during this year's inspection, so assuming we get another few years or more out of it, we may look at hybrid solutions or possibly geothermal if it becomes more affordable. Would the 400 work okay with a heat pump?

    Unless any of this isn't of any real concern I suppose I'll have to look into steam humidification instead. If you can address any of these concerns I'd appreciate it.


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    we use the 600, hooked to the hot water side of the water heater, wired so it runs when the fan is on, seems to humidify just fine, we had a few that would not humidify enough just on heating calls alone, but hot water and continuous fan solved it.
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    Each Aprilaire is rated for so many square feet in your home. I also believe the 400 uses 100% of it's water and does not need a floor drain. I'm sure these were considered when they looked over your unit so unless you want something more high dollar, the 400 should be to your liking.
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    Thanks for your replies. It sounds like the Aprilaire solution will likely work for me. I am still thinking about checking on how much more the new Honeywell TrueSTEAM solution would be. It sounds like that would definitely be the way too go if it isn't too much more.

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    You may also want to see about using a EWC autoflo steam humidifier.
    We use them on heat pumps. Can humidify your house weather or not the stat is calling for heat.
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