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    Needs some help with my humidifer install

    I have an older furnace Model (Carrier 58sx) and I just bought a aprilaire 700 humdifer. Nun of the insruction are clear on the wireing. My question is does my furnace have a 24v out put signel that kicks on when the blower motor does. I do not see a HUM on the board. I found that the R and C are 24v consintly, but I want the humidifer to kick on when the blower does. So do I need to buy a 120v to 24v transmiter and tap into the blower. Im new to all this so any help would be great.

    Also on my board I have the following Letters if that helps
    also the humdifer is already pluged into a 110 outlet (constent power) im just looking for the 24v side to tell the humdifer when to kick on with the furnace. thanks again

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY forum. Please read the rules in my signature link.

    Aprilaire humidifiers are very easy to wire, if you are having this amount of trouble, then I strongly urge you to have a contractor do it for you.

    It will be so much cheaper to have it done than pay for the repairs when you let the smoke out of your low voltage circuit.

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    sorry never seen a forum for perfessionals only. And im not going to higher a contractor to hook up 2 wires for me and get charged out the butt. There are other forums on here and alot of people willing to help. this is just the 1st one I came across. Thanks for the help anyway

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