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    Intermittent ignition problems: Heat-N-Glo

    Hi: New to the site as a user; have searched the site before as a guest. Great source of information!

    I am staying the winter at a neighbor's house while they winter in Texas. They have a gas fireplace, about 13 years old. Documentation shows it to be a GTI Model 6000SGDVL (top vent direct vent) but there is HEAT-N-GLO badging on the outside of it.

    Here are the symptoms of their gas fireplace problem.

    1. Trouble with ignition when cold. After fireplace has been on for a while and warmed up, it normally lights fine with either thermostat or manually.

    2. When cold, it doesn't want to ignite with either the thermostat or using the manual rocker switch technique. After a couple of times trying it, (yes I'm being safe by allowing some bleed off time for gas between tries), it does ignite but with a bit of a whoosh. Not a dangerous whoosh but one that gets your attention none the same! When it doesn't ignite, it doesn't matter if I try thermostat or manually. Thermostat has been checked by Fireplace shop and verified good. Does not appear to be the stat.

    3. Documentation says that thermopile needs minimum of 325 mv for proper ignition. Owner has checked and the 325 + is always there. I believe he has replaced the thermopile as well.

    4. No pilot issue ever; pilot has never gone out.

    5. Sometimes (not always), after burner does light and has been going for a few minutes, the burner just goes completely out on its own. Have to reignite it and then it normally stays on.

    6. Sometimes (not always), when it initially lights, the front part of the burner is not completely lit. Maybe 20-30% of burner unlit. Eventually the entire burner lights but for a little while, some of the holes in the burner are not lit.

    7. Fireplace has been cleaned top to bottom and log placement verified.

    Gas valve was replaced a few years ago and this fireplace is rarely used. It is in a dual-fuel configuration mainly for use when the electric cooperative clamps off the primary heat source during times of high load.

    I'm wondering if this problem is related to the gas valve as the stat and thermopile check out. From my limited working with gas, seems to me that symptoms above (especially #6) point to that. If a burner isn't completely lighting, common sense is telling me that the burner isn't getting a sufficient volume or flow of gas. Or like I said, with my limited knowledge of gas appliances, I may be way off base!

    Thanks in advance for any information or troubleshooting tips that you might have on this issue.

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    Sorry but Diy is not allowed on the site. Please call a pro and have it checked, gas appliances are bombs in untrained hands.

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