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Thread: 410 and refills

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    410 and refills

    Is it true that in A/Cs that use 410 refrigerants, if there is a leek and looses 2 LB of refrigerant, the manufacturers suggest to empty the entire refrigerant and refill to the top? To me that's lot more expense refill than refilling R22 where there is no such recommendations?

    Is the salesman trying to mislead me to sell his R22 unit?

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    Yes, he has some R22 units left and he has to get rid of them. 407C must be evacuated because of fractionation but 410A, eventhough is a 50/50 blend, acts as one refrigerant and can be refilled. I try to avoid spec'ing 407C simply because of that reason. I do not spec R22 at all anymore.

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    What he said. 410 is a blend, and while it does contain a multiple refrigerants, every school I've done to has always said it's ok to add to a system that lost some charge.

    Of course, most times the refrigerant should be recovered (pulled out) to fix the leak and change the filter/drier... so there's a good chance you'll get all new anyway no matter what refrigerant it has.
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