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    Newbie: Puddle in furnace? Pictures.

    My Carrier Comfort 92 Furnace, which was installed this past summer in Northern California, has been working intermittently (and unpredictably) this winter.

    After heating the house in the evening and turning it off when we sleep, it doesn't start up again until the late afternoon even though we have it programmed to turn on at 6 am.

    I decided to do some investigating and removed the front panel and found a small puddle of water at the bottom (blue arrows in first photo). I noticed dripping from the "connection to the outside flue." (red arrow in first photo). The "metal cinching" tie was very loose. I tightened it with a screw driver and now the leaking has stopped.

    My question is: Do I need to call someone about this or is the problem solved? If I do need to call someone, is this considered an emergency? I have carbon monoxide detectors in the house.


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    Also, is this tube supposed to be connected to something?

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    You should have that furnace serviced every year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolwhip View Post
    You should have that furnace serviced every year.
    This is the first winter the furnace is seeing. But, I'll definitely have it serviced next winter!

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    Sounds like you solved it. Vibrated loose or installer didn't properly tighten to begin with.

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    I install carrier systems and you solved the problems. The black hose that you pointed out should have a black plug in it. The only time this hose should be hooked up if the furnace is a downflow or hortizonal right. Have your furnace checked out. Whoever installed the furnace didnt tighten the rings so when the system runs in heating you will have water leaking at this spot.

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    you may have solved the leak problem since it was an easy fix
    but not to bust your bubble you still have the problem where it wont turn on when you want it to

    the leak has nothing to do with that

    you need to call whoever installed it and have them look at it and find the real problem

    i would think it is still under a warrenty since this is its first cold season

    that unit is compicated and needs a pro to check it out

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    God job at catching that leak! It would of really corroded the inside of your furnace had it continued to go unnoticed. Sounds like your other problem is with the thermostat and not the furnace.

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    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. As one person pointed out, I have two problems:

    1) Puddle - likely fixed
    2) Intermittent operation - I thought it was related to the puddle. I'll see if it still doesn't work. If not, then I'll call the pros on Monday!


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