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    You need a humidifier which makes steam to get your humidity in the over 40% range in addition to a correct humidistate. There are several manufactures of these units. They are more expensive and use a lot more power to boil water into steam but they work. You may need a commercial model if you want to do your whole house. These will operate well without your furnace having to be on, just your blower and are set up to turn the blower on without calling for the furnace unless the temperature drop calls for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morogan View Post
    I'll keep that in mind the next time I am practicing my guitar in a closet. ;-) Seriously, I play as many as eight or more hours throughout the day, so my environment honestly needs to be the same as where my guitars are stored.
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    Hardwood floors want 50% but are not going to get it in a cold climate.

    Takes a little time for the wood to dry out. Take them in and out of the closet they will be fine.
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    Good thing you don't play your guitars any place else besides at your house. Or they wouldn't be in a 50% RH enviroment then either.
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    Man, what's with all the attitude? (Forgive me if I am misinterpreting.)

    My collection guitars absolutely do NOT leave the house. When I play out I use my cheap Fenders and Epiphones.

    I think I've got all that's productive out of this thread already. Thanks to those that responded respectfully.

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    Im a first year and was wondering if a static controle ecominizer helps with humidity? Is a new stat all you need in this case?

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    Some thoughts

    I also own a collection of classical guitars which generally need RH between 40-60%. It is fine in the summer but in the winter, it is a challenge. This is because of simple law of Physics 101.

    When outside air is cold, let's say 20-30F, any humidity you produce above 30-35% will condensate on the window, and water will roll down the bottom of the window and this:
    - defeats the purpose of humidifying your guitars
    - can rot your window bottom (which is usally made of wood)
    - can produce mold in the house.

    This is my 2 cents and has worked for me the last 20 years with absolutely no problem.

    1. I have an Aprilaire 550 Humidifier (hooked up to cold water supply), I set it at this is baseline humidity in the house.

    2. Each guitar gets its own humidifier. Here are the options:

    a. Get an "Oasis" humidifier for each guitar for $40 or so but this is a waste of money.

    b. Make your own humidifier by using:
    - a used 35-mm film cartridge like this:
    - drill a few 1/8" holes near the top
    - cut a small piece of sponge (dish-washing sponge) and stuff it in the container.
    So when you use it: wet the sponge and squeeze excess water out, insert it in the film container, close the lid, then suspend the film container between guitar strings or alternatively, you can place the film container in the guitar neck inside the guitar case, the humidity produced will travel throughout the case.

    You can also post a message in the Classical Guitar forum, there are tons of luthiers on this website that may be able to help you:

    Anyway, this little tricks work for me the last 20 years without damaging the house.....

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