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    Confused Need to replace Trane LP Furnace...

    I am in Eastern PA and when our service guy came to do inspection, found hole in heat exchange and rusty burners (4) We are figuring that it doesn't make any sense to put xxxx into 11 yo furnace and probably should get new. got 2 prices from 2 dealers on a Trane XR90. Don't need compressor A/C is fine. after just about deciding to go w/dealer we liked better, made mistake of asking my brother in law his thoughts. he works as a constuction super for a large retail chain. of course, he hates Trane. what now? I know from speaking to the dealers that they will put units from different families, but it isn't their first preference. the dealer we were going to go w/does carry one other brand but I have to call and find out tomorrow. It is going down to 32 tonight and we have no heat anyone put different furnace w/a/c? thanks for any thoughts.
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    I would go with what the dealer you choose suggests, he'll be the one to install it, service it and have to warranty his install...

    I wonder what a Trane gas furnace, ever did to your BIL.......

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    If you have rusty burners and a breech in the heat exchanger of an 11 year old furnace, you have an application/installation problem.

    May I assume that you have a non-condensing furnace (78%-80% efficient) with an induced draft blower vented into a masonry chimney?
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    If you are asking is it OK to have different brand of furnace than you have A/C, that's fine. Just gotta make sure that the furnace doesn't move too little or too much air for the size of the A/C.

    Very surprising to hear of a hole in an 11 year old Trane but LP is harder on furnaces than natural. But as Robo said, could be an installation issue such as venting or sizing.

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    Confused Trane???

    If the existing furnace is a TRANE, the heat exchanger is still under factory warranty. Recommend exploring that first as any TRANE dealer will/should be willing to do the warranty work. If this isn't scenario than get yerself the XR90, as it is an excellent choice and enjoy your new heater!

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    Since your brother in law isn't the guy thats going to install or service your new furnace.
    Go with what your prefered contractor is familar with and recomends.
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    I agree with Kelly. You first need to rule out warranty help with the heat exchanger.

    But if you have to look at new system, relying on propane exclusively for heating is a terrible operating choice. I know certain areas of Pa have reasonable electric rates and you should at least run the fuel comparison numbers of high eff heat pump against propane. Check with electric utility for any special winter rate.


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