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    Question Which is quieter, Rheem Modulating or Carrier Infinity 96?

    I'm getting bids on a 4 ton furnace that will be in a utility closet in a finished basement. I'm looking for the quietest possible unit. I'm looking to hear from owners/installers that have experience with the Rheem/Ruud modulating or the Carrier Infinity 96 (also marketed by Bryan, apparently) furnaces.

    I'm in Portland, Oregon with fairly mild winters. Should I assume that any two-stage or modulating furnace will be operating at a low speed, for the most part?

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    I don't think you'd find issues with either IF properly sized and installed. Noise at the furnace for either will be minimal. Air noise would be a function of the duct design. If undersized, it will be noisy. If the ducts are properly sized and the furnace as well, they should be very quiet. The Mod will be quieter on its lowest setting than the 2 stage Infinity as it will be moving less air. If you compare to the new 3 stage Carrier, probably a tossup. Just be sure to get the Infinity control rather than use the boards timer logic.

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    I can speak for the Infinity systems. I install them all the time an d they are very quiet. If everything is sized properly you will not have any problems at all. Of course you will the fan running but its not noisy

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    I have a Rheem Mod, when it's on low you can stand right next to it and not notice it's running, on high it's still very quiet.

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    I haven't heard a Rheem Mod. run but we have sold 78* Infinity systems this year and I know for a fact that they are Very quiet.
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    The variable speed carrier is super quiet.

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    I have a mod... Ticks my neighbor off when he comes over because he can feel the heat, he just cant hear it run. His is nothing like it, but it's an 80 with all of 3' of return.

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