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Thread: Thoughts please

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    Thoughts please

    Finalizing new system. Have quote for:

    matching coil
    Evolution Control

    HUMBBLBP2217 Bypass humidifier
    EACAAZBB020 Electronic air cleaner

    My question is mostly regarding the add ons. Are these reasonabe suggestions for the humidifier and air cleaner. I have other quotes for slightly different model#s and am having trouble comparing the differences. Also see many reco's for the Aprilaire Hum. How do these units stack up? Any compelling reason to request or specify the desire for different components?

    Also, should the condensate drain line terminate directly to the outside or in a sump hole? Have been told both are proper by different contractors. Whose right? I live in SE PA.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    The carrier humidifier is a rebadged aprilaire humidifier just a differant color and older styling..

    However, I would recommend moving up to the infinity air purifier or changing to a Aprilaire Media system #2200 or #2400.. I do not like any electronic Plate style aircleaner due to my years of service that show that most don't work as advertised possibly due to neglect of regular cleanings of plates or electronics not always working properly.. Example: If I service a system that is 20 yrs old with a Spaceguard(now aprilaire) it will have a cleaner blower than a 5 yr old system with a Electronic Plate Aircleaner.. I see this every day..

    This is the reason, that if a homeowner insists on a plate style EAC then they sign a release that I warned them.. Most then change their minds..


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    J, Thanks for info.

    How does the AprilAire 2200 compare to just the base 4" media filter? If I decide to stick with the base media cabinet, can I easily upgrade to either the perfect air or aprilaire in the future?

    Have been reading that the truesteam seems to be the way to go for the humidifier, when it becomes available. Will having the bypass humidifier installed now make changeover in the future any easier/ less expensive. (thinking interms of wiring to tstat, etc.) Or, is it better to just wait?

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    Any way to tweek the system to meet Fed Rebate standards? I'm trying the ARI website, but can't seem to find the right match. As configuered, it comes in at 11.3 EER.

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