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    We installed a wall-furnace for a Lady in 1994. Upon compleation of the job she refused to pay, said her husband had the check book and he would bring the check in to our shop tommorow. He never showed, when we made attempts to collect she refused to pay because she heard Elvis in the flue! Really... we were going to take her to court, so we sent a technician over to verify that the flue was assembeled properly and according to codes and ordinances. Of course when he took the flue cap off he did NOT find Elvis or any Blue Suade Shoes. The Lady then claimed that our technician threw the flue cap down and killed her cat, she wanted to sue us to have her cad "stuffed", the other day she wandered into our shop and demanded to know why we refused to work for her!?!?

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    Thank you Sharkie, I have marked OK panhandle on my list of places to avoid.

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