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Thread: Home Depot CSST

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    Home Depot CSST

    Great! Home Depot is selling CSST to the general public. I have seen so called Professionals who can't cut and fit this stuff correctly. I see this as an accident waiting to happen. Its bad enough they have Associates handing homeowners fittings that don't belong together to make gas connections now (like 1/2" f x 1/2" flare with a 1/2"f x 3/8 flare threaded on to it) you laugh but I've seen this more than once.

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    When we started using Trac pipe we had to take a class and pass a test before they would sell it to us. Maybe they don't think we are as smart as the average homeowner.

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    that stuff might be rebranded pro-flex. it has gaskets and o-rings. I think there should be a law against non trained people doing any sort of work involved with gas. this type is easy to use and you have to rey to screw it up. I actually used to prefer it over gastite or trac pipe until it went to the big box stores. I liked not needed to crank on the fittings to flare them and maybe breaking it or it has a burr or something. I used to use it all the time but now I find myself back to black iron most of the time.

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    i think i still have my trac pipe and wardflex cards somewhere, should send the to the Smithsonian

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    how long will it be before someone slashes their arm open on the stuff? have to be careful cutting it.
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    You just have to buy the book to purchase the stuff. My nephew, the good one, bought some a while back to do something and he said they made him buy a 2.00 manual with the stuff before they would sell it to him.

    Its no more dangerous than a dang flex connector. But of course that is

    I wouldnt use it...... I could see maybe using it on rooftop units or something..... but in a home or building Id rather have black iron.... something ridgid... not run around the house like a big damn snake...... something substantial.
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    I worked at a Home Depot for 3 years (no longer, thank god, building automation tech now) and from an insiders perspective... they're not selling it to homeowners. Yes homeowners shop at Home Depot (go figure?) but they want to be a pros only store. No I'm sorry, CONTRACTORS only store, not pro store. If they could tell anyone without a business licence to *redacted* off, they would.

    We actually had a great demonstration of why that is a terrible product while I was working there, the Reznor heaters over the doors are hooked up with it, and one night after business hours one of the guys clipped it while pulling a pallet out. They turn half the lights out at close so it's a small wonder it took as long as it did for something like that to happen. Pulled the tubing out of the compression fitting, hissing noise, flailing hose, evacuate the store, fire department, managers didn't know where the gas shutoff was, etc. etc.

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    Ya have to file down the burrs on most of the types out there or your gasket will be shredded.
    Another reason to hate HD.

    I thought the poor fish in plumbing was overwhelmed. People coming up to him left and right, all while he's using a universal threader for a pipe i'm requesting. So he gets the thread completed and spins a coupling all the way up. Did i mention it was not even tight?
    I mean these other people are just sidling right on up to him with their little situation and disturbing the dogmess out of the guy.

    He suggests to me that i put a lot of dope on it.

    This after i returned because the first pipe they cut and threaded would not take a fitting...factory thread i think. Either way it looks like they are getting out of their element.

    But you knew that when the Trane peddler showed up. I mean come on man, i'm here to get lightbulbs, or paint, or deck screws, or a 2 by 4...not a home comfort system
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