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    I never ask for a DIY BOB! I asked what activates a switch!

    Quote Originally Posted by MUMM RA View Post
    My furnace wasn't working and i ended up taking the oil ignition control box apart. It looks like theres a magnetic switch in there.
    my question is, whats makes that switch activate? If i push it over with a clamp everything works fine, house gets warm and i just have to take the clamp off to make it stop. it still runs for a few minutes though.
    could my thermostat be bad. if i remember correctly it used to have a little spark when i turned the dial to a warmer temp. Now there isn't a spark.

    I know this probably ain't safe. any help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MUMM RA View Post
    I never ask for a DIY BOB! I asked what activates a switch!

    MUMM RA,

    By answering your question constitutes DIY help in the rules. Also the reason I closed the thread is because there are a lot of guys here that just might jump in and start giving DIY advice regardless.

    That is a primary oil burner safety control, it is potentially dangerous to bypass it and/or take it apart and attempt to repair it.

    The best help that we can offer you here is for you to contact a service company that has technicians experienced with oil fired equipment.



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