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    Post Trane XL800 Thermostat

    I am fine tuning the XL 803 thermostat to the XV95 2 stage Furnace. The home is super-insulated with a lot of mass and slow temperature changes.

    I am confused by Installer Setup # 240, Heater Stage 1, Cycles per hour. Can anyone provide a simple explanation. Option 3 is for a 2-stage fossil fuel forced air system (probably average heat loss rather than very small like this home.)

    Also, Installer Setup # 680, Standard temperature control in Heating. I tend to believe this should be set toward "aggressive temperature control" because temperature overshoot is unlikely. Reasonable logic?


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    I believe option 3, 3 cycles per hour, is what is recommended for higher efficiency conventional systems by Honeywell. Don't forget about stage 2. I believe the temperature control in heating options for installer setup #680 are optional. Some pros here may be able to offer better advice than I can.

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