Installing AC/H.Pump should I get new furnace as well?
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    Installing AC/H.Pump should I get new furnace as well?


    I am in the midst of getting quotes on installing a new AC/Heat Pump and was wondering if I should pull the trigger on a new furnace while the install is being done. My current furnace is 12 years old (typical new home furnace) single stage. I know I could get some more years out of it but a new 2 stage variable speed does seem like the way to go.

    Please let me know your opinions as I may have not thought of everything.



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    replace everything now for efficiency reasons and to save you headaches later...

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    You cannot really get the FULL FEATURES of an HVAC system if you do not do the system,do it all and with fuel costs go for the highest you can get.I think energy thing this is only going to get worse.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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