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Thread: Bluetooth CVT

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    Bluetooth CVT

    Does anyone know why I get this error
    on the JCI bluetooth CVT?
    I know the controller is good because
    it is new and it was tested on multiple controllers.
    My USB bluetooth sees the CVT but I get this error.

    The COM1 connection failed: Could not connect to the remote device.
    (see attached file)

    My bluetooth is built out as Com5 but the Com1 they are referring
    to is the port on the CVT that plugs in to the controller.
    Is this correct?

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    When you click 'Load' from the upper right hand corner of CCT a 'Load Device' window opens up. In the Bluetooth COM Port field, enter 5 for the number and try uploading/downloading. Look here:

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    Tnaks but I already figured it out.
    It was my USB bluetooth adapter.
    I had to buy a D-LINK adapter instead
    of the one that I had.

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