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    Is a Rheem Mod 'temperamental'?

    I've been very impressed with what I have read on Rheem's mod system. I've obtained four quotes to replace my furnace and A/C and have been leaning toward the mod. Two are Rheem dealers, one of which also carries other brands. Two are not Rheem dealers. Three of the four have made comments to me the Rheem "is okay", but the modulating furnace is prone to be 'temperamental' and often has problems modulating, thus often results in the furnace running at 100% and/or service problems. They suggest it is a historical problem in 'communication' between the furnace and the T-stat. They also suggested Rheem factory support may not be all that good. I didn't have the impression they were just saying this for competition sake, as one was even a Rheem dealer. Because I heard this from three of four reputable dealers it concerns me. Can anyone offer any support one way or the other on what these guys are telling me about Rheem's mod? Thanks!

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    They are more than likely just not familiar with it.

    We have many in with little to 0 issues. Our Ruud tech support guru is great.

    (note: Rheem and Ruud are the same)

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    When sized and setup properly they work great.
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    Rheem does not offer "technical support" do dealers or homeowners per sey. The local distributor does that. I hate to say this but it sounds as though the local distributor (who sells to all your contractors) may be misinforming them or needs to brush up on the products. That said, if you have a problem the contractor or distributor doesnt understand, the distributor will call the regional factory guy who will gladly support them.

    Billva, I'll tell your guy you said nice things about him...

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