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    Confused Thermostat Wiring??

    My central unit works fine... well it did until I touched it! lol.

    I was upgrading to a digital tstat and noticed that the heat-off-cool selector switch was broken.

    I opted to put my old one back on and now I can't get the unit to come back on. I'm 99% sure I wired it wrong.

    Would you please let me know the correct way??

    Here's the current wiring:

    red R
    blue X2
    yellow Y
    green G
    brown T
    black B
    orange O
    white W

    oh yeah.. It's a Trane with aux strip heat.

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    I would guess you probably cooked a fuse in the unit

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    Sorry but site rules prohibit us from advising diy's. Please, call a pro in your area.

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