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    Carrier 58SXC - Board's gas relay test?

    Wondering if anyone could help narrow my problem down for me.

    Self Test sequence runs through fine.

    Ignitor lights. Rollout Switch is OK. Flame sensor was fine but I cleaned it anyways. No water backups.

    I have the CES0110057-00 circuit board. In this pick I circled the gas valve relay. The two other green circles are some sort of test lead which the install manual makes no other mention of. Looking at the back of the board I can see these leads relate to that relay - but I dont want to jump it and blow anything that might be ok.

    Any one used these leads before? What can I do with them that might help me diagnose my problem?

    Reason I ask is because I think I could track down that relay and save some big bucks - which is a serious problem right now.

    ...Tested the pressure switch - as I understand I should get 24V from both leads (see pic) to confirm it is working properly is that correct? Or does that not necessarily mean its ok?

    ...Lastly is there any voltmeter testing that would lend to some helpful diagnoses on the gas valve? The solenoid on the right seems to be clicking - can't say I 'feel' the other one on the left doing anything:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I should also add I'm getting 24v from the middle brown wire on the gas valve (see pic) and nothing off the blue wire when I hear the solenoid activated.

    If you can't make it out the blue wire has a jumper going to the first (top) terminal on that wire block

    ...Also - I'm getting 24V from the lower test terminal below the gas valve relay on the circuit board. The terminal at the left gets no juice.

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    Call a service tech!! Money saved repairing your own board won't fix a repair gone bad.

    If all components are working okay its time to replace the board.

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    Please read the terms of service about no DIY information.

    Call a qualified service company to look at your furnace.
    Use the biggest hammer you like, pounding a square peg into a round hole does not equal a proper fit.

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