I am a new home owner that needs some help in the mechanics of her home.
Currently my home has a Renewaire Air to Air exchanger (Which only has one speed), honeywell humidifer and honeywell ultra violet light and of course the furnace and a/c. I have a VisionPro IAQ digital thermostat from honeywell that seems to control most of the mechanics. The air to air exchanger has been disconnected from its % run time control and I am not sure how often it should be running, especially since I am not able to set the control to 20 or 30% or whatever. Currently, the air to air exchanger is running about every 10-20 minutes (sometimes longer) and I am not sure if this is normal or not. I do live with someone that smokes so I am not sure if this is making a difference. How do I get the unit to run less, if needed? Should it be running in the summer with the a/c?

My humidity is set at 30% as it is winter here, I am trying to follow the recommendations I found in the humidifer owners manual. The frost setting is set to 4. It was originally set to 5 however I noticed condensation on the windows so I lowered the setting per the owners manual. Now I have not had any condensation on my windows. Also note that there is a humidstat located near the furnance (Currently set between 2-3, however I have no idea if it is connected)

The fan control is set to "auto" on the thermostat. There is a ventaliation setting on the thermostat however I have no idea what the ventaliation control does. It seems you can set it to 20, 40, 60, 80, etc minute intervals. I set it to 20 minutes and it didn't do anything after twenty minutes passed. It is currently set at 0 - as I don't know what I am doing.

If anyone could explain to me in layman terms what these units do and the correct settings I would be greatly appreciate it. I may need to get a professional out to help me understand however money is tight. Either way I will take anyones opinion. Thanks!