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    Bryant Thermidistat Loud Clicking Noises


    We just got a Bryant air conditioner/heat pump unit installed with a new Bryant Programmable Control Preferred Series Thermidistat. It controls heat and humidity.

    The first week everything was fine. Then it started making loud clicks every time the heat came on and went off.

    They are so loud that it wakes me up at night.

    Its usally 3 loud clicks, right in a row.

    Is it just this type or brand of Thermidistat? Or do you think it is defective? What is the solution?

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    some people complain about diffrent brands of thermostats making the clicking when theres a call.. u could try a diff brand but may not get u anywhere.. i know tranes, and the visionpro stats all make that clicking

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    every t-stat has some sort of a click. last t-stat we had, it had a not so disturbing click. I think it was called RiteTemp.

    not too sure but i have never heard my infinity controls click on... it just has a blinking light when it calls for heat/cool.

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    Twilli says those are the Bryant mice throwing the switches
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