I realized that 'NOVAR' in spanish translates to 'NO GO', but that's beside the point. . .

We're pulling out all the pneumatics and replacing with NOVAR's latest. The base system is old and was installed some 10 years ago plant wide. Currently the ESS version is 4.20 with the latest being 4.80 I believe.

Problem I'm having is the 4040 won't come up on the bus. The 4.20 version does not have 4040's as a device in the add-a-device list so I config'd it as a VAV in the Lingo panel. We do have VAV4020's with the detached actuator up and running on the bus now but the 4040 just will not talk.

I've got it figured to one of three things: The bus does not like to be T-tapped, the address switch is wrong, or the ESS version is incompatible.

As far as T-tapping the bus, I have another building running peachy with a short Ttap in it no problem. Verbal from the sales engineer is it is not an issue. With a meter I get 2.0 volts + to shield and 2.3volts - to shield.

The address switch is confusing as NOVAR is a 1 when the switch is off and 0 when it is on . . so for address 17 on the 8 position switch it goes like
off-on-on-on-off-on-on-on (position 8 specifies 9600 baud rate). I made it like the pictures and it lived up to it's name - NOVAR.

That leaves only the ESS version - still I would think if addressed properly the Lingo panel would at least comm (not display a comm loss on the monitor screen)

So . . I did get a hold of 4.80 version but I don't have the huevos to lay it over the top of the old version without a safety net. I installed it in a separate directory and when trying to access the Lingos it says incompatible version. OK, I get you need to do a version download but it errors out at the screen prior - a chicken or the egg problem. Maybe it needs the database in its subdirectory (default install?) to work. . . Once i get IT to image the drive then I'll try it again.

Anyone face this dilemna before? Some insight would be helpful.


ps: next week the Lingos are going ethernet. some other company is doing the updates and per the owner - all the latest software comes with it too. I'll be camping on their doorstep for awhile I think.