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    Refer guy .why did you ask about artic if you already worked there lol ? sounds like a decent shop as long as they pay and you get time off . I do think its crazy how much power most companies give dispatchers ....esp ones that are shapely place i worked they guys wouldnt leave the shop cause of the view lol
    An air conditioning or refrigeration unit never signs a check for me! PEOPLE do that,and you should never allow yourself to forget that WE fix the problems of people,not machines.They are at the heart of our business,one way or another,and polishing the skills required to provide solid customer service will never be a waste of your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntb11 View Post
    Sorry, I left out some other good things about Artic. I offer a tool purchase program, no matter the cost, paid training, free Cintas cotton uniforms. leased and purchased vans with 90% having less than 90,00o miles. Most roll out to the leasing company at the 110,000 mile mark. Open book financials with an operations manager who tells you the true profit and loss of the comapny. If you rememeber, refer guy, I even told you how much an hour I make so that there were no secrets. The first Monday of the month is a 100% paid breakfast meeting that all you can eat. Jiffy Lube, Americas Tire, Wrights fuel cards, and certified Goodyear accounts so that you never have to pay out of pocket for any emergency. Upfront Per Diem pay for out of town visits.
    I assume you're non-Union. Anyways, you already ran circles around Source w/what you offer. I assumed Source had more to offer. Well, recently they hired a Carrier guy as their new Officer. One bad thing, Carrier's a sinking ship. Another bad thing, the guy wasn't even from BS&S.

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