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    Ok to run a 2 stage A/C just on 2nd stage?

    Still trying to decide what type of system to install and how to pay for it. The latter being the most difficult. Rheem's mod looks awesome and if $ wasn't a concern, I'd have it in tomorrow. Anyhow, I found a very good deal on a new, properly sized, 16 SEER, 2 stage A/C unit, from a very reputable dealer (not a Rheem though) I'm think of having that installed with my existing 17yr old furnace (no variable speed blower though), and then replacing the furnace in a year or two. I'm told by the dealer this will work, but the new A/C can only be set up to run on the 2nd stage. Still much better than my old A/C, which is shot anyhow. Is there a way I can make use of both A/C stages until I replace the furnace? Will this setup cause any damage to the new A/C? Thanks. It's amazing how much information and help is available on this site.

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    You would not have the full effect (humidity control) of the 1st stage W/O a varr blower in the furnace but no harm would come to the new unit to wire it for 2 stage.

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    I would buy it and put it in my garage until I could afford the rest of the system. When you break it down, you will be gaining very little if anything over your old system. I think you're caught up in the moment of a new toy that will ultimately cause more problems. First of all, the SEER rating of your "new" unit is based upon its ability to run at a low and high cooling. Take away the variable speed with the low cooling and you have little better than a 12 SEER. Now you take away the evaporator coil that won't match the new unit and your probably running at 10 SEER. Your old unit is probably right around that SEER, so you will be putting wear and tear on the new unit and gaining nothing for your trouble. Save up your money and do it all at once and the right way or you could regret it later. Thats my .02.

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