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    Quote Originally Posted by ar_hvac_man View Post
    Doubtful. More likely they hooked up B on stat instead of O or vice versa.
    doubt that there is only a few units that use b instead of o any1 thats been doing heating and a/c know goodman uses o

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    enigma -

    OK - you have a few start-up issues. Nobody is always perfect all the time. Especially if they have employees. <g>

    But the bottom line is that you still did the right thing going with the heat pump instead of the propane.

    My opinion is not a perfect substitute for actual engineering, but four tons of cooling doesn't seem all that far off the mark for a 2500 square foot house in the Carolinas.

    And, even if it is oversized for cooling - look at the bright side: it will do a better job of heating.
    The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.

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    Just for fun, let us know, how you like the warm air coming out of the vents and if your happy with a heat-pump,


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