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    evolution control

    On hybird heat, I cannot get into the settings. I want to see what the temp is that it switches over to gas. what is the secret? How do I make my skuttle humidifier work on heat pump mode? My humidity level is too low. ThanksRobert

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    Did your installing contractor not leave you the documentation that came with your thermostat? It usually covers the setup procedures.

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    Frown Sad

    Sadly, the man who put this system put a damaged mvb 80 furnace, and probably wired it wrong. I don't have much documentation on any of it. I do have the heat pump literature, which is a bryant 4 ton. Thanks Robert

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    nam module

    I have limited vison, and love the large print on the evolution control. I am trying to find someone who can put a nam in so I can change the settings easier. Robert

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    advanced mode on infinity

    Hold the advanced button for > 10 seconds to enter the advanced programming mode. Just be careful with the settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bplinder View Post
    Hold the advanced button for > 10 seconds to enter the advanced programming mode. Just be careful with the settings.
    Now that you have this "dangerous" information how about calling a carrier or bryant dealer and ask if they would walk you through the settings you should be entering in advanced mode. If you don't, you might end up with no heat from conflicting settings.
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    I believe the Evolution interface is identical to that of the Carrier Infinity interface. Instructions for the latter are on Carrier's website.

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    Actually the way you do this varies depending on the version of your control. There are also other settings that should be set for this operation, so I would suggest you call the dealer and have them make these adjustments for you.
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