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    Red face Help! New Burnham/Beckett burner noise

    I just had a new Burnham V8 series oil furnace installed and the vibrating/humming/whining noise coming from the Beckett burner is keeping me up at nights. The noise just radiates through the floor and up through the radiators. The installer has offered to replace the boiler or burner, as he has not been able to remedy this problem, and I am desperately looking for some advice as to what would be the most quiet boiler or burner. I have to turn the heater off at night to sleep so I would be very thankful for any suggestions for a very quiet replacement unit or burner!

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    Take your contractor up on their offer to replace it with whatever they feel is going to be quiet enough to give you peace.

    Ask if you would be able to visit a customer of theirs with the equipment they are suggesting as the replacement so you can hear it operate before hand.
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    that is a good boiler i would recomend you have hime replace the burner ahd be done

    i am sure noel will be along soon and help you on tis also

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    Maybe the fuel lines? ie: "tank hum"? Ask the installer to isolate the fuel piping or install a tiger loop.

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