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    New Furnace - Two Stage or VS?


    I was hoping to get some advice. I would like to replace my 25 year old furnace with a new two stage or two stage variable speed furnace. I live in the Detroit area, so our temps run the gambit, and it gets pretty cold here in the winter. I live in a bungalow built around 1950.

    The problem with the old furnace is that during the winter while I'm sitting around the house, I usually feel cold. It is not as comfortable as I would like. Also, like most any bungalow, the upstairs is cold in the winter and a little too warm in the summer. I put a new Carrier AC unit in about two years ago, and during the summer it is a little too warm during the day. At night it's pretty good. But there is a noticeable temp difference between the main level and the upstairs(both heating and cooling). Also, there is only one duct that runs to the upstairs.

    I have talked to some people and figure that I would at least go with a two stage rather than a single stage. Since I decided that, I am kinda torn between two stage or two stage variable speed. I also plan on adding a Carrier by-pass humidifier as well to hopefully help the air feel warmer.

    Since there is a noticeable difference in price, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with:

    1.) Will the average person be able to feel the difference between single stage, two stage, and two stage vs?

    2.) I have been told that with variable speed, you should get a near even temp reading anywhere in the house. Even in the upstairs portion of a bungalow, for both the heating and cooling seasons?

    3.) With either a two stage or two stage vs, do you really need to upgrade the thermostat to properly utilize the furnace, or does the technology in the furnace take care of it?

    Thanks to any and all that might help!!

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    My sugestion would be to have several dealers look at you HVAC system, and have them analyze what you need. A variable speed unit is not a fix all. Just by adding a V/S unit will not make the whole house an even temperature in both summer and winter. Your duct system that distributes the air that the V/S unit provides is a bigger factor.

    The location of your Tstat could be playing a big part of your systems problem.

    I personally prefere 2 stage variable speed. If set up correctly a long run time in first stage can make a big difference. But if the warm or cold air can't get to the different levels it does'nt matter what system you pick.

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