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    Which indirect to choose

    Can anyone help me decide on which indirect water storage tank to choose? Is there much difference between them? Any help appreciated. I will be paring it with a Buderus gas boiler. Thanks.

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    The best on is the right one, right size that is.

    As far as price go for the best, stainless steel for the potable water side is the way to go.
    I use mostly SuperStor tanks, but I also have installed Triangle Tube units.

    Steel tanks with anode rods are only good if you plan on moving in 5 years or less, as no one remembers to change the anode rod.

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    The T.T. Phase III

    is a great unit as long as you're not using well water with sediment, there's no easy to clean out the inner tank. High Chloride levels should avoid using stainless steel tanks, but choose a lined tank like the Buderus or Vaughn stone lined tanks.

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