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    Rheem quits power

    I have a Rheem Criterion2,installed in my basement,just had it "cleaned",inspected yeasturday,everything was fine,they could not find any issue and told me it was pretty clean anyway...,so,today,I hear the furnace starting,flame then blower,and suddenly quits,dead after 5-10 seconds after blower started.I checked the fuse,fine,raised temp on thermostat,will not start,dead.I fliped the power switch next to the furnace off,then on, and it started and ran fine,for now...what would it make go dead? and not blow the fuse if overloaded...

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    circuit boad - plug connector - ground wire connection - flame rod - pressure port - bad system ground - pressure switch - tstat relay - or mabey just the fact that you got rheem-duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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    You need to call your service company back to re-visit the furnace.

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