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    burner problem with Buderus boiler

    Anyone have similar experiences with a Buderus oil boiler as the following?

    The installer/repair folks, after 4 visits to correct the problem, told me that the flame was pulling off the burner head of the Riello 40 F3 burner. Initially they thought the expensive relay electronic board was bad, and that turned out not to be the case. (initial symptoms: burner continually trying to fire then shutting down). Visit 2 they determined the part wasn't bad, the relay sensor was just not seeing the flame. So they tapped the bronze tube in the burner a bit and it worked ok. But by next day it was not only doing the same thing but now, when it did fire, there was a terrible booming noise.

    Visit 3 they realized the flame was pulling off of the retention head (causing oil exhaust smell from incomplete burn and the booming noise). So they adjusted the air/fuel mixture on the burner and it worked ok while they were there. But within a few days it was back to booming. Finally (visit 4) they put a different pattern nozzle on the burner. The new nozzle will give me a slightly less efficient burn, they said. Not thrilled about that, but don't know what else to do.

    The boiler worked fine from initial install in May06 through the first heating season. I had someone out in late September to perform the boiler's first annual maintance. It's suspicious to me that it was shortly after that that this started happening.

    The repair folks say that about 1 in 25 Buderus systems are temperamental this way and they've needed to do similar tweaks. Curious what others on this board think of the situation--have you seen similar? Is the different nozzle the correct fix? I hope I don't end up having to pay for 4 visits, some extensive, on such a new system!

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    You might want to post on They have a Buderus tech on there often. But could it simply be too much draft? Is there a barometric damper on the flue? I think there migt have been a spec change to the size of fire tube used on Riello's on the G115

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    Thanks as always, Johnsp! I'm definitely going to have them check about fire tube size. That makes most sense to me. They did try to lessen the draft thinking that system was tuned up in warmer weather (slightly) than when the problem appeared. But that didn't do it. There's a damper, but I don't know what a barometric damper is.

    I will check out the other site as well---

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