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    Need a Pro to answer some of my questions

    Hi I am new to the site. I have some questions that I need cleared up by a pro. I have a 300,00 btu Lp heater with dual fans hanging up in my garage that I want hooked up. I talked to a plumber teacher in Vo tech and he said i can have an over size heater. My garage is a 24 x 24 2 car garage with an upstairs. I talked to a contractor he said he would run the line over to it and thermo stat for xxxxx. He also asked me to ask the pro pane people if they energize it or does he energize it? There isnt a flue hooked up to it either. Does the propane people hook that up, or does a contractor do that? I am going to save myself money and run a line over to it and thermo stat. Its a 24 volt system. I know the propane comes in and inspects it and runs a tank and plumbs it up. I just dont know the rest with the flue and what I need to know so i dont get ripped off. Thanks
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    I'm sure you don't need 300kbtu, you do need a flue, if you are paying xxxx for gas piping and stat you most likely will not get it done right.

    Don't worry about saving a bunch of money, worry about saving your family's lives. Find someone that knows what to do.
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    Sorry but your posts indicates that your going to diy...not allowed on the site, nor is pricing in the posts.

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