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    Emer. Heat, Fan comes on but no heat

    Hello all-

    Just had a home inspection and the Emer. Heat when switced on, will turn on a fan but no heat comes out. I installed a LUX HP2110 thermostat a few years ago and figured that may be the suspect. After reading both the Bryant and LUX manuals I have gotten nowhere. I have one Black wire coming out the bundle which I taped off so, I am assuming it was connected to the "C" or Common wire on the last thermosat that Lux claims should be taped off and not hooked up to the thermostat. I have no wires hooked to the "B"-Heat Change over valve or "E" Emergency heat relay on the Lux. Does it need to go to either one of these or is the problem deeper and need to call a professional? Thanks in advance.


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    Have a SERVICE TECH clean up the mess.

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    Yeah, waiting for my buddy to return my phone call and help me out. I just hate to have him come over if it is something silly. Thanks for the reply.

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    You need a Tech, sorry, no DIY help allowed.

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    Sorry, thanks...taken care of.

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