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    Trane XV 95 LED flash codes

    My new Trane XV95 flashes green about once a second while the furnace is on. At every 40th flash, the red led flashes.

    Does anyone know what this means or where I can find out about it?


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    if there was a problem the furnace/airhandler wouldn't work. So long as it's heating/cooling your house don't worry about the flashes.

    there is a data-plate on the inside of the furnace somewhere that will give you what each error code means...but do not open the furnace up unless you know what you're doing as you could injure yourself if it's live.

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    Green led is the status lite; fast flash, call for heat -slow flash, no call for heat
    Red led is is for data it should blink once very 20 sec or so under normal operation.

    If its heating, don't look at the blinking lights
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