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    Check light lit on T-stat

    Check light LED is lit on Honeywell T-stat...2004 vintage..non-touch screen.

    IS this a generic message to check the filter or more like a check engine light that needs diagnosis?

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    If this a heat pump then it means the pump has an issue or two.

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    is this a heat pump? If so, it will probably be telling you that the aux heat is on. If that light stays on all day, you need to call for service or you may be calling the bank for a loan to pay your electric bill because your electric heat is doing all the work.

    If it only comes on once in a while at the coldest time of night, then odds are your system is ok, but really, if you have questions, get it checked out. We dont know how that light is hooked up.

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    thank you for the quick replys. This is not a heat pump system...

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