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    Geo heat pump info

    I'm looking for a geothermal heatpump that will supply hot water to an existing hydronic heating system (LP gas) located in bsmt.

    And also allow me to add an air conditioner in the attic.

    I know I could do two units, but prefer one compressor and valving to the either the hyd heat or forced air evap in attic.

    Control is not an issue as that's what I do professionally. Refrigeration is my weakness.

    Even with two units I'd prefer a split system for ac to keep the noise down, and keep the water loop in bsmt.

    Of course a desuperheater for domestic hot water during cooling cycle would be a plus.

    Hoping for a pre-engineered system that would include the change-over valves.

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    Water furnace makes a unit that does just that, the only drawback is it only puts out 120 deg water. In fact all geo's will only put out 120 deg water. If you need hotter than that you can use it as a preheater.
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    Thanks I'll do a search.

    The 120 deg may be ok. For example, I could just use it in the bsmt zone.

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