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    Make Up Air - Small Business Help

    Ok, I need your expertise.

    6' Exhaust Hood
    1200 cfm Exhaust Fan, Wall Mounted (Loren Cook Co Model 135 VCR 135V5B; SP 1.0; RPM 1462)
    + small focused exhaust fan over Oven to try to remove hot air (maybe 100cfm?)
    500sqft floorplan
    Grill, Fryers, Oven, Refrigeration, etc
    Inadequate Make up Air
    Negative Air Pressure!

    Door is impossible to open
    Extra warm ambient air temp

    I am a young guy trying to make it work in this world with a small restaurant in a beautiful National Park. I started the seasonal restaurant that operates in the summer months in Canada and now in the 4th year it dawned on me that perhaps a simple solution could make a big difference. Positive air pressure.

    Any help from you is appreciated. I'm trying to figure out what the best solution will be. It will need to replace the wall mounted fan (it looks like it is just a regular industrial fan that would be found in a barn or something). A heated unit is probably what I need to accommodate the cool shoulder season and potentially expanding to a year round operation.

    I'm really in the dark here, so thank you in advance for your help!

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    How about just an outside air louver, low and through the wall to equalize the pressure diff? if there isn't a concern about freezing ( you said seasonal) then you don't even need a damper to seal it off, just an insect screen. If duct is a concern then it could be high and ducted low in the vicinity of the appliances with such a small space seems anywhere would be considered in the vicinity
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