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    Thermostat Recommendation


    I need a Thermostat recommendation. Here is the situation:

    For IAQ reasons, I want to set my heating system to run the fan on high or a normal setting when it is heating and when it is not heating, to run the fan only on low speed (system has a filter and fresh air, see below).

    I've looked at the Honeywell Vision Pro series and the White Rogers 1F95-1277 Series 90 Blue.

    It seems clear how I run the fan continuously (set fan to on) but it's not clear how I set it up to step the fan down to the low speed when the heat in not on and it's in fan only mode.

    If anyone can recommend a thermostat that would do this, I'd greatly appreciate it! System details follow.

    Thanks!! Andrew

    The system:
    -- Entire HVAC system is new, inc the ductwork (it’s a gut renovation of a very old home)
    -- I have a Rudd single stage gas heater, no air.
    -- There is a IQair Perfect 16 whole house filter
    -- The system brings in ~20% external air.
    -- There is no heat exchanger or other equipment
    -- I live in San Francisco, so the climate is mild

    Note: I cross posted this in the IAQ forum, I hope that was ok!!

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    You have a single stage furnace, so you will not be getting the slower blower speed like a person would get in their variable speed blower system when you turn the fan switch to ON.

    A good dealer may be able to put in a relay for you to make your blower run a slow speed, but it won't be as slow you'd find on a variable speed set up.

    On the Honeywell T-stat, you could program the blower to come on program time, or set it to Circ.

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