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    just slow the blower down so it will be able to remove more humidity while it is running. May need to speed it up for heat mode pressure readings will determin that

    do not put any suppys in garage because it is against all codes i know of because the cieling of the garage will need fire code rock and you will be breaking its rating and also leaving a place for a fire to breath

    returns in garage is bad also because you will draw all offensive odors into the living eara

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    A multi zone mini split would be ok.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I would think that for moveing 600 to 800 cfm for the tons. and 5 supplys of 8 " can move over 1000 cfm plus 3 supplys of 6" = 300 cfm. would have v low volocity. I would have ran 7" instead of 8".

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    no supply or returns here to a garage from a system that conditions any type of living space

    all you are doing is asking for trouble jmho

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