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    Hmm Trane xe80 blower motor and cage question- Help Newbie

    Hi there, first off I just want to clarify my situation. I don't want free advice unless you want to give it. I'm not doing the job myself and I don't want a price quote.

    That said I do need some help! I'm a woman and have some questions. I am the type that totally understands that you don't want DYI'ers on here or people looking for quotes etc.

    I am willing to pay you (authorized Trane xe80 specialist) to answer my questions if you feel like they go beyond what you typically answer here.

    I am so sick of men in service feilds trying to screw me over it isn't funny! (not cutting you guys)Because of certain instances, mostly related to automobiles, I have now decided to become someone who does research and has a general understanding of how everthing I need work done on works. In all this, I can diagnose most issues on my cars, do most repairs myself, I have learned to do all car maintenence myself, change out water pumps, aternators, full on tune ups etc. I've helped both men and woman get there cars started on the side of roads. So I even use my knowledge to help others.

    Ok, lets get to the furnace stuff enough about me. So like with the auto BS, I'm now expiriencing it with my Trane xe80 furnace. One, A.Hole told me my furnace was bad and I should get a new one, one quoted me 1000.00, so of course I started in on the research.


    furnace started making noise the other day. it may seem a bit louder than normal but not sure. The furnace works just fine but, when it shuts off you hear this thumping noise, as the cage is spining to its stop. The thumping gradually gets slower and sower and then stops when the cage stops. While the furnace is running it is vibrating, which it did not do before.

    I want to be totally knowledgeabe when the repair guy comes so he doesn't screw me.

    My questions are:

    1. Do you think from my description, its my blower motor or the cage being off balance? or could there be a dead rat in it spinning around:0!

    2. If its the cage can it be repaired? How does it become off balance?

    3. What would cause a 7 year old furnace to do this?

    4. Final question, my filters are 2, set at an angle above the blower, they are metal, cleanable. I took them out to clean them not paying attention on how they were installed. One side of the filter is different from the other. There is an arrow pointing and says airflow. Should that arrow be pointing towards the ground or ceiling? Its a downdraft furnace. My guess was pointing up since the furnace sucks are from above pushes it down is that right?? or does it not mean where the air is coming from but, at which direction your air is flowing, which would then be arrow down towards the ground??

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I'm willing to pay someone 20.00 for this advice, I don't want you to think I want it for free. If multiple people answer and you want it to go to your website just give me a way to pay it through paypal. Or if you have any questions on other topics I can offer you info or advice in exchange.

    I wanted to take the panel off to view the bower area but a vent type pipe is going directly down the middle in front of the panel, is that normal?

    Info I can provide to you is: car related and antique appraisals.

    Thanks for your time, Sherrie

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    1.Blower wheel is off balance, it could be a piece of paper, rat, snake, or just dirty.

    2.If the wheel is bad it needs to be replaced.

    3. Stuff happens

    4 The Arrow should point toward the blower.

    No pay needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karsthuntr View Post
    1.Blower wheel is off balance, it could be a piece of paper, rat, snake, or just dirty.

    2.If the wheel is bad it needs to be replaced.

    3. Stuff happens

    4 The Arrow should point toward the blower.

    No pay needed.

    what he said

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    the thumping noise can be caused by
    just a loose motor frame mounting bolt,
    dirty blower wheel,
    install manual left in unit,
    the blower wheel can be self destructing,
    one time it was a bent motor shaft (handyman handy work?).
    the best solution would be to ask the tech to show you the problem. a bright light and and inspection mirror is normally part if his tool kit.
    the blower wheel would cost more than a new one.
    what causes a 7 yr old to have a problem ... the list can be very long.
    the pipe in front of the blower is common in down-flow furnaces.
    The best solution would be to find a company with good referals and the tech is willing to build a long term relationship of trust.

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    If after 7 years you just found the filters.....could be some debris/dirt on the blower fins. Lucky the motor didn't burn up. One excellent investment SERVICE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT (1 time annually minimum)

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    thanks for your answers!!

    Thank you for your answers. I greatly appreciate it!

    As for the filters, we've cleaned them before, and we also haven't lived here that long. The times we've cleaned the filters they we're hardly dirty at all, I don't know if thats good or a sign that dust is just getting through to easy. They are the metal washabe ones.

    Thanks again,


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    it is not that uncommon for blower wheels to fail and also they are not that expensive usally change wheel, motor and run cap alot cheaper than having a new furnace installed and a 7 year old trane furnace should have plenty of life left

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    Noisy Blower

    I know this is an old post but this is for the sake of future home owners with the same issue. I also have a Trane XE80 with the same symptom. The blower cage had a sticker dated 1997 (it's 2011 now) so it lasted 14 years. Here's how it failed. The 2 piece hub is stamped out of sheet metal and is held together by the arbor (mounting hub) that is swaged. Over time that swaged piece gets stretched, worn and does not hold those 2 stamped hubs together tightly. What you are hearing is the metal to metal contact squeaking as it rotates, and it can get pretty noisy the worse it gets. What I did to fix mine is tack weld it back together. Trane was nice enough to leave a bunch of evenly spaced 1/4" holes on one side that lend themselves really nicely to plug welding and if you have access to a MIG welder and a clamp you can simple tack it back together. 4 spots will do the trick and make sure you do holes 90 apart so it stays balanced. Mine has been working great (noise free) for the last 2 years.

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