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Thread: Heil furnace

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    Heil furnace

    I apparently have a cracked Heat exchanger. I was having trouble with the pilot, and the fine HVAC professional showed me that it was getting blown around when the blower came on. He says -- new furnace, and it seemed the right thing. After a little searching on this site, I'm even more convinced.

    He uses Heil, and I'd just like to know that it's a reasonable brand. My current one is Janitrol, and I've done enough research to believe that it's probably not a great brand.

    All comments will be gratly appreciated.



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    Brand is not nearly as important as it being properly installed. If properly installed any brand will serve you well.

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    Heil is a good brand. Manafactured by International Comfort products. Which is owned by United Technologies. But if it is installed by a jack@$$ you will still have a piece of crap.

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    I agree with ST

    I would add, make sure it is sized correctly for the structure. To many HE's fail (crack) because the furnace is to large and they run to hot.
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    Heil is a good band. Question, did the HE fail because of old age, or is there another problem? Undersized duct work and dirty filters can cause over heating.

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    I've been a Heil dealer in Texas since 1982, and I'll put them up against anyone elses equipment, presuming proper installation. I have three of their systems in my house, and all seven of my rental properties and my shop are Heil.

    When choosing brands, presuming proper installation, I'll throw one more thought out there.....WHERE is the distributor for your equipment located? Close by? A hundred miles away? That can make a difference when you need parts, warranty or otherwise. My Heil distributor will rob a part off a new furnace in a pinch if we have to have it, and they're right here in town.

    It makes a good sales pitch to my customers, that the closest parts source isn't 2 hours away, like some of the big name brands.

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    Thanks for all of the input. I think that I'll be OK. My Janitrol has been OK for 15 years, and I don't think that installer was any great shakes. He seemed OK, but several things that came up afterwards make me think that he was little sloppy. He also checked some of his gas connections with a match -- I was truly stunned. Especially since one of them was a little leaky.

    The guy I'm dealing with now has helped me with several issues. He does a neat professional job, and he's good about showing me the issues and discussing the options.

    So, I think I'm OK with the installaller, and the replies here make me think that the unit will be OK. I appreciate the comments about duct and furnace size, and I'll bring that up with him.

    Thanks again,


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