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    Question Trane XT500C questions

    I have a Trane XT500C thermostat that I am about ready to rip off the wall and replace. Does anyone know if there is a way to reset this thing? Mine seems to have a mind of its own. I can st the hold temp for multiple days and in the middle of the night it will decide to jump back and follow an old program. The manual is limited and the trane website doesn't even list it any more.

    I am also looking to see what the replacement would be for this? It doesn't have to be trane, just something that will work.

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    Take it off the wall, remove the batteries and wait an hour. If that doesn't do it, dispose of properly.

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    If no go, then I'd suggest to upgrade to a Honeywell VisionPro t-stat if you have gas heat w/ A/C.

    or if you got heat pump with two stage variable speed system. then look at the Honeywell IAQ t-stat.

    I suppose you got it on HOLD cuz it's not easy to program? The VisonPro is easy to program! My parents used to put the old t-stat on HOLD, now they got the VisionPro, and mom can program it with ease.

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