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    where oh where does the drain line go?

    Can the condensate pump drain into the house main drain line? Is it better (or req'd) to drain into sump hole? Or, should it drain directly to the outside?

    Does the answer change at all from standard efficiency furnace/AC to 90+ efficiency?


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    If you pick a direct drain outside, be sure the line slopes away from inside to the end of the line so you don't get standing water inside the line during the winter. Freezing of that standing water will block condensate from condensing furnaces (if you have one).

    Some towns have ordinances against condensate water going in the sewer... and rightly so. If enough homes do it, it could take up capacity at the city treatment plant that could be used for revenue generating industry or residential growth.

    I drain mine outside to the foot of a tree giving free water to the tree (which is nice during the drought). Now that it's getting cold, I may either raise the line in the crawl so it gravity drains out after getting pumped to the high spot in the line, or I may simply dumpin the crawl sump that pumps to outside.

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