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    Hmm Installer told me I didn't need to use A/H filters???

    Two weeks ago I had two brand new matched condensor and A/H units installed in my home. One condensor unit is TRANE 2TTR3036A1 with matching A/H unit TRANE 2TEE3F37A1 (ARI number is 1105198). The other cond. unit is TRANE 2TTR3042A1 with A/H unit TRANE 2TEE3F40A1 (ARI # 1105216). Installer said I didn't need to install the filter that came with each of the airhandler units since I already had filters on the air intake vents inside the house. He took the filters with him. It's a split system. Is that true? Thanks, jim

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    If the air is being filtered going into the A/H's then you don't have anything to worry about. It's pretty common around here for that type of setup from homes I see.

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