I see quite a few threads around the loud intakes and the options seem to include putting in multiple 90 degree turns with the quietturn vanes... so I get that... Also I see using flexable tubing.

Here is my situation, I have a new house, the furnace is a Trane XB for the first floor about 1700 sq ft. and a second for the second floor about 1700 aq ft as well...

The first floor is loud, the way they put it in, the furnace sits in the middle of the basement, and the main intake is a large round intake that has an 18 x 18 vent facing the living room. There is a second intake in another room that is 8 x 12.

The main issue is the large 18 x 18. It is almost right above the furnace and comes out of the top of the furnace, it is a round outlet from the furnce has a 90 turn goes about 3 feet then 90 up and 90 over. maybe a total of 8 to 10 feet. It is a solid galvanized tube.

I ahd the installer out, but they are not so interested in addressing it, my guess is the builder has them on a pretyt tight budget. So I am wondering .... from what I have read it seems like the flexable tubing would be an answer to deaden the sound of the furnace as the current tubing is more like an echo chamber and amplifier.

When you do say flex tubing is it something like this ?