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    Replacing AC, some questions

    We have a typical 1980’s one story 1900 sq. ft. Florida block house. Insulation is fair, and attic gets very hot. Plan to add insulation, increase ventilation, and replace 30 year old builder’s AC. Air handler is in the garage, which also gets quite warm, but don't have another solution. Heating is not a consideration, as we only turn it on for about 10 – 15 days a year; humidity control is important however. Florida Power and Light is doing a duct survey, and we hope to implement their recommendations as well. August electric bill for 2161 KWH was $233.10 plus taxes, etc. for a total of $252.70.Currently looking at both Trane and Carrier.

    Trane contractor recommends the 37,800 BTU 2TTZ9036 XL19i with a 2TEE3F40 air handler. With current rebates, etc., the XL15i was only $35.00 less using the same air handler. An XR 13 would be about $1300 cheaper. Carrier contractor quotes not yet received.

    Hard to get info on EER ratings for these units, so it is difficult to determine the best way to go. Any thoughts, suggestions, insights, greatly appreciated.

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    EER ratings should be available from

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