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    buzzing noise from Carrier infinity airhandler

    I just had my new system installed yesterday. It is a Carrier 2 stage, 2 ton 16 seer heat pump with infinity air handler and controller. I noticed as the air handler starts, there is this low pitch buzzing sound from the unit. It almost sounds like a refrigerator. Is this normal? Unfortunately, the system is installed inside a bed room and the noise can drive u crazy.. any suggestions?

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    yeah, call the guy that put it in. It could be as simple as a transformer buzzing or as complicated as refrigerant lines touching something. It could be overcharged, it could be....

    I'd kick the guy in the jewels for installing a system in a bedroom anyway.

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    Without looking into it a little deeper, in my past experiences the transformer will hum. If it was just installed call the installer and it will be a simple fix. Either way its under warranty.

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    "I'd kick the guy in the jewels for installing a system in a bedroom anyway. "

    That is where the existing unit was. This use to be laundary room that was converted to a bed room.

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