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    Recommendations on brand names etc.

    I am going to have to replace my 2 heating and air systems on my home soon. Are there any recommendations on brand names etc. that have best reliability? My neighbors have used Trane with one of them having to have the compressor replaced after only 4 years.

    Also, are the any comments on the efficiency of the units? Is it worth the extra money to go for the higher efficiency units or the extra filtration systems etc.? I have seen some comments on sites that say they are only there to run up costs and do little for the air quality.


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    You live in Raleigh?

    Have access to nat gas?

    Post back...

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    The medium models seem to be the best bang for the buck from comments on here.

    Installation is more important than the actual brand name. I would talk to others, look around at systems installed near you and get recommendations from folks around you as to who they were happy with and who has the best service. You may find someone that you like or feel comfortable with and then worry about what brand they sell. Most systems are pretty much comparable today. You'll get all sorts of opinions on here from folks about what is the best brand most of the time it tends to be the brand they sell or work the most with but it's always worth a listen.

    The highest SEER systems also seem to be setup more for comfort than actual savings although the SEER rating can give you a good idea as to how much power they actually use at a given temp inside/outside.

    Your best bet IMO would be to do a load calculation on your home or have a contractor do a load calculation and that way you know exactly what size you will need for your home. You may find your systems are over sized now and you don't need a system the same size as you have now which may help with cost a little.

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    Recommended systems

    I have had two systems recommended for my house. They are both gas furnaces and are either 13 or 14 SEER.

    One company recommended Trane with a 2.5 ton unit for upstairs and a 2 ton unit for downstairs. The numbers are hard to read but it looks like:
    Upstairs Downstairs
    AC 4TTR4030A 4TTR4024A
    COIL 4TXCA030 4TXCA024A
    Furnace TUDiB060C936 TUX1B040A924

    The second company recommended Carrier with a 13 SEER AC and 80% efficient heater upstairs with a dual fuel system 90% efficient downstairs. The unit numbers look like:
    Upstairs Downstairs
    A/C 24ABA330 25HBA324
    Coil CNPHP3017ATA CNPHD2417ATA
    Gas Fur 58CTA070 58MCB040

    Each recommended the whole house air cleaner for extra money. Still wondering if they are worth the money at all.

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    Just remember that while those units will say 14 on them, with the standard blower furnaces they only get 13 SEER. Rather exensive 13 SEER units at that.

    The Carrier bid looks better to me.

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    Why is the 14 SEER limited just by the blower? Also, is there any advantage to the dual mode heat pump/gas as far as operating costs?

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    The low energy usage of the variable speed blower helps boost the SEER. If you put the 14i on a standard blower, you get 13.00 SEER. To get above that, you need a matching Trane variable speed indoor unit. How much more above 13 SEER depends upon which exact furnace you choose.

    Dual fuel can really save money on the heating costs. In our area, cold but low electric costs, can be $200-300 a year even!

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    How much of a mix and match can be done on these components? It sounds like I can put a different compressor onto each furnace and change the variable speed motor for a fixed speed etc.

    Also, are there other brands out there to look at such as Lennox or smaller companies? As I posted earlier, some of my neighbors have not had good luck with the Trane brand, so I was going to avoid that one.

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    34,725 lists every possible combo

    Best I found was using the 4TTR4030 with 4TXCB031S coil and H version of the single stage furnace. That gets 14 SEER due to the efficient but not variable speed blower motor. If you use the XV80 variable speed model, you only get 13.25 SEER. Complicated and confusing, especially with Trane.

    Everyone has their own opinion of what brand is best. Trane is good stuff though gotta watch efficiency ratings carefully as well as heat output on a heat pump.

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    Thanks for the information and the website.

    Anyone have any comments on which units are the quietest? I live in the southeast where cooling is very important. I want to get a quiet unit also so I don't have to listen to it run through the night.

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    The Lennox XC15 is the quietest on the market right now. Nordynes IQ drive is also very quiet but very costly.
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    How about Rheem's modulated system?

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    definitely go with lennox definitley go with dual fuel especially where you live. Do understand tho The worst piece of junk installed right is better then the best system installed wrong. On filtering systems if you have to do maintenance to it i wouldnt sell it to you you can get just as good air alot cheaper with any of the filtering like the april air. Once a year you change a filter thats it.

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