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    Hmm Hot Water Pump Circulator for Heating Coils - Always On...

    Please bear with me as I have very little technical background and I may not be explaining my issue properly.

    I'm in a fairly small one bedroom condo with a wall HVAC unit. The maintenance engineer came by the other day to open the valve that allows hot water to travel through the heating coils near the blower.

    Unfortunately, this pump is now always on, circulating hot water through the coils, and makes a continuous whining sound. It sounds normal, but when it's on with the blower is off, it drives me nuts.

    Is this normal? Shouldn't the pump activate only when the blower kicks in? I actually turned the thermostat to the off position - and the pump is still active. When I move the switch on the thermostat to simply activate the blower, the pump turns off - hot air blows out for a few moments but then returns to room temperature. The maintenance engineer has confirmed that the pump is always on, but he doesn't think there's anything he can do about it (can't really blame him as I'm sure he's got tons of real work to do).

    I cannot believe that normal operations would simply have the pump on all the time. This would mean that even in the summer months, hot water would be circulating through unless the valve was shut off.

    It's not that cold at the moment (on the East Coast) and I've simply killed the breaker switch for the furnace to turn off the pump.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please use layman's terms. Many thanks.

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    It may be that the pump runs all the time, it all depends on how it is wired. I dont think it should be making alot of noise. This would be very annoying to me also! I also cant imagine the pump running in the summer months. I would go to a nieghbors and see if there pump makes the same amount of noise. If not tell them to replace the pump.
    Hope this helps!

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    Fsh has it right. A full time pump is not unusual, but the pump should be quiet or silent. Have the sup. replace it.


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    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to visit a neighbor this week and turn off all her noise generating devices and sit there for a few minutes, comparing the amount of noise from the pump (I hope she doesn't freak out and call the cops...)

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