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    Air Handler options: limited space

    I need a two ton heat pump system. I have limited installation space for the air handler. I have only 17 inches front to back depth.

    Can an air handler be installed at a 90 degree rotation so that the front faces the side and the width becomes the depth and vice versa?

    If so, could a Lennox XP13-024 be combined with a CBX32MV 018/024 air handler which has a 16 1/4 inch width (which would become the depth)?

    Does the 018/024 provide me with sufficient capacity for a 2 ton unit?

    Are there any other models of air handler that will fit into that 17 inch space?

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    hey . .they are installing my system as we speak . .i have the same space issue as you! my airhandler is inside a closet, inside a room .. so they had to install the new system by rotating it as you mentioned .. so now the "air out" (sorry don't know proper names!) of the airhandler is not directly under the main duct work .. they used sheet metals to cover around the space between the top of air handler and the duct work .. i hope this the proper way of doing it!

    not sure if u understand what i am talking about it as i can't explain it very well without knowing proper names and terms.

    i can't wait until they are done so that i can take a picture to post for comments ..

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